We are a production company dedicated to innovating in all areas of audiovisual. We believe in making the impossible possible..  

We are a production company specialized in music videos, advertising, and fashion films. We have a team of audiovisual professionals who guarantee the creation of visually stunning stories. Tell us your idea, we make it a reality!

We are the only VFX production company subsidiary of Stargate in Latin America.
We have a team of over 70 visual artists.
We work hand in hand with the headquarters of Stargate Los Angeles to provide solutions for all types of audiovisual productions.

The first, largest, and most inclusive mobile phone film festival in the world.
Currently operating in Colombia, Mexico, and Paraguay, with a global community of 40 thousand members.
Recognized as the creative SME with the greatest social impact in Colombia.
We democratize cinema and make unconventional advertising effective for our partner brands.

We are a project that works for people’s mental health through training, workshops, and artistic courses while participating in the construction of social fabric.

We are a content production company that works with the stamp of Mauricio Navas Talero, the only multi-platform writer in Colombia, who also directs his writing school with more than 25 members producing all the content for Valencia Producciones FX.



40 most innovative entrepreneurs in the country 2017


Nominated for the best leaders of Colombia 2018

Winner of My Ideal Partner 2020 Innovation Category

Creative SME with the most social impact in the country 2021

Inspirational Company 2022

Inspirational Company 2022


In 2012, while the world believed it was ending, a phone call gave birth to what is now Valencia Producciones FX. Coming from the Antioquia Department, the Valencia siblings, Andrés, Yesenia, and Katherine sought the opportunity to fulfill their dreams in the capital. Amidst long hours of editing, dancing, and acting, the children of Doña Mercedes Cano and Don José Omar Valencia embarked on a journey with the promise of believing in family projects. Unity and faith embody the greatest legacy of their parents and are the reason their project has come this far.

Andrés began building his dreams by following his mentor, the Hollywood visual effects master, Sam Nicholson, on YouTube. Andrés was a natural empiricist until he came to Bogotá to study film and television direction. In 2018, as if by the whims of fate, Andrés met his mentor, Sam Nicholson, the creator, and CEO of Stargate Studios. This encounter culminated in the foundation of what is now Stargate Studios Colombia.

The love of family has turned the company into a center for teaching and growth, where social work prevails as a fundamental value and where the feeling of familiarity among employees is an everyday occurrence. During its 10 years of trajectory, many people have contributed to the mission of motivating, transforming, and producing ideas that change the world. Its reach has been of such magnitude that what started as a small project has become a global brand specializing in VFX, production, pre-production, and post-production of the highest quality films in the world.



Entrepreneur with experience in technological products to transform them into projects that drive disruptive growth. CEO & Co-Founder at MOVii, a Fintech company focused on financial inclusion, where anyone can pay and be paid with fairer fees and in real-time.


Economist, master’s in international relations and public administration. Directs high-level economic projects. Expert in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in the business field of major cities.


Senior executive with experience in the entertainment, content, and media industry, and in the implementation of strategic models for digital transformation. Developed strategies in the advertising sales division at Fox Group channels, FoxSports, and NatGeo. Launched Fox Sports Colombia and created the Fox Sports Colombia Tournament.


Co-founder and President of MUJERES TIC Colombia, trainer, and member of the Advisory Committee of MET COMMUNITY for Colombia, with a master’s in Digital Transformation. Received recognition from the government of China for her leadership in the ICT industry in Colombia and Latin America. In 2021, she received the Woman of the Year award in STEM - Technology from the “She Is Global Awards”.


Executive Director with deep experience in CX and technology companies. Managing Partner at OPINAT, committed to the economic growth of its clients through earned loyalty, achieved through software, consultancy, and training in the Net Promoter System (NPS) methodology.



Actress, entrepreneur, and psychologist. Recognized as the Gold Entrepreneur of SENA 2021, chosen as one of the 50 most important creatives in the country according to Forbes magazine in 2020, positioning herself as one of the most influential people in the creative industry on the continent.


Entrepreneur, director, and supervisor of visual effects VFX for national television, government institutions, international brands, and major global platforms.


Tireless Vice President capable of launching the most challenging and ambitious festival projects.


Creative mastermind behind every project of the company, writer, director, and producer of film and television. His department brings to life the concepts, proposals, and dreams of the community of ideas.


Expert in VFX and Postproduction workflows in Latin America. At Stargate, he has worked hand in hand with the most important brands in the global film industry.


Actor, responsible for managing and organizing the festival's finances with excellence.


Writer, director, professor, and screenwriter. Writer of web, interactive, television, film, and literary series. Winner of 4 Simón Bolívar awards, 5 India Catalina, and 2 TvyNovelas. Produces all the content for Valencia Producciones FX.
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Telephone: (601) 467 24 37 (+57) 322 4576909 Address: Kra 22 # 142 – 58 E-Mail: info@valenciaproducciones.com


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Goldsmith 40, Polanco. C.P. 11550

Dirección: Andrés Valencia y William Barragán 


Libretos: Mario Zamora y Jorge A. Sánchez “Salsa”

Elenco: Juan Alfonso Baptista, Diana Hoyos, Andrés Castañeda, Carlos Manuel Vesga, Juliana Galvis, Marilyn Patiño, Juan Carlos Arango. 

  • Dirección: Andrés Valencia y Juan Carlos Mazo.
  • Producción: RTVCPLAY y SMARTFILMS®
  • Libretos: Gustavo Salcedo y Mauricio Navas.
  • Elenco: Jose Julián Gaviria, María Adelaida Puerta, Luis Eduardo Arango, Mario Ruiz, Cristina Penagos, Jorge Enrique Abello, Isabel Olano, Claudio Cataño, Manuel Báez, Toto Vega, iana Belmonte, Felipe Londoño, Héctor Sánchez.
  • 5 Nominaciones a los premios India Catalina 2020: Mejor Fotografía, Mejor Producción, Mejor telenovela o serie, Mejor Director de Telenovela o Serie y Mejor Actor de Reparto de Telenovela o Serie

Andrés Valencia y Juan Baquero Romero.

  • Producción:
    RTVCPLAY y Valencia Producciones.
  • Libretos:
    Gustavo Salcedo y Mauricio Navas.
  • Elenco:
    Diego León Hoyos, Luís Eduardo Arango,  Mario Ruíz, José Julián Gaviria, María  Adelaida Puerta, Claudio  Cataño, Isabel  Olano, Jorge Enrique Abello, Toto” Vega, Manuel Báez, Marianela Quintero.
  • Premios:

          Diego León Hoyos, mejor actor protagonista. Premios India Catalina 2023.

  • Producción ejecutiva:
  • Una realización de:
  • Guion y dirección:
    Gloria Castrillón y Óscar Guesguán Serpa.
  • Asesora de guion:
    Priscila Padilla Farfán.

Chateo Luego Existo

Dirección: Andrés Valencia 

Asistente de dirección: Juan Beltran

Producción: Valencia Producciones 

Libretos: Gustavosky y Isabel Cristina Olando.

Elenco: Ana María Cuellar, Juliana Velasquez, David Velasquez y David Duarte

  • Dirección:
    Mauricio Navas Talero
  • Producción:
    Mauricio Navas Talero – All Media Atelie
    Mauricio Navas Talero
  • Elenco:
    Martha Liliana Ruiz, Yesenia Valencia,Marcela Benjumea, Fabio Rubiano,Susana Torres, Mijail Mulkay, Jairo Camargo, Geraldine Zivic, Camila Sagardy, Biassini Segura y Andrés Talero.
  • Dirección:
    Mauricio Navas Talero
  • Producción:
    Mauricio Navas Talero – All Media Atelie
    Mauricio Navas Talero
  • Elenco:
    Martha Liliana Ruiz, Yesenia Valencia,Marcela Benjumea, Fabio Rubiano,Susana Torres, Mijail Mulkay, Jairo Camargo, Geraldine Zivic, Camila Sagardy, Biassini Segura y Andrés Talero.